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Creative Survival and Motivational Monday…

Third Quarters Are Now Starting…

Creative Survival and Motivational Monday are divided by four quarters and cover the entire year. 13 weeks per quarter.

And the third quarters are starting in both now and you can get each by just the quarter. Or the bundle for all four quarters.  Of course, if you get the bundle of all four, you can get it at half price right now in the bundle sale.


Any bundle is 50% off on Teachable. And we are still adding in new bundles to focus on certain topics We have six now with more coming soon.

To get a bundle at half price, simply go to WMG Teachable, find the bundle or bundles you want, and hit purchase. Then put in the code…


And hit apply and you will have it for 50% off. And most bundles are really good deals to start with.

We are doing this because we are launching the FOCUS BUNDLE series. But all lifetime subscriptions and other bundles are included.

Best deal by far we offer is the Everything Lifetime Subscription Bundle at half price. Amazing amounts of great classes and workshops. And more coming all the time.

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