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Five Months Ago…

We Did “The Last Sale” in October, 2022…

That’s right, that was five months ago…

Since then we have played with a small sale only for lifetime supporters, another sale to see who would open their mail from Teachable, and one more short fun sale to see who read to the bottom of one of the posts on my site.

But the monthly big sales were over last October. And they still are. But a bunch of factors have come together to suggest we should do a surprise half-price sale right now.

So we are using the code:


Just hit purchase on anything on WMG Teachable and then on the next page put in the code and hit apply and you will have the class or workshop or lifetime subscription or whatever at half price.

This sale will go for one week. After that I got a hunch it will be longer than five months until a possible next big one, if ever.

So why now? Numbers of reasons, actually. Three years ago we were all locked down at this point in time. The Vegas Strip here was an empty ghost town. And we were all worried about ourselves and our families. So WMG offered a first large sale to help writers get back focused on the writing. It helped a lot of people and as the pandemic kept going, so did the sales until finally last fall we said enough. Time to move forward.

So this is an anniversary of sorts. We don’t want to look back at all we lost and that has changed. We want to go into the future, and helping writers afford workshops to keep learning is a great way to do that.

Second reason is my challenge to help writers focus on word count for the rest of the year. And help me focus as well on my writing. (grin)

We also offer four other challenges. Kris asked me the other day how the Publishing Challenge was doing and I said very few people take it. Too much fear in publishing a book per month for some reason. We both thought when we started that one it would be the most popular, but the Story Per Week is the most popular.

Third reason is the “Time of Great Forgetting” is coming up. April is usually the start and it runs through mid-July. Writers, unless focused, just lose track of everything during that period of time. Coming out of the pandemic last year was the worse “Time of Great Forgetting” I had ever seen. Everyone was traveling and doing things they hadn’t done in years.

But got a hunch this year’s Time of Great Forgetting will be the second worst. So we wanted to do a big sale to help writers stock up a little on workshops and other classes to stay focused and writing some during that time.

Taking part in a challenge also helps keep the focus through the time of forgetting.

Fourth reason… We got a lot of requests for a sale to help writers with the costs. They want to learn, but can only buy one class instead of two like they could during a sale. Honestly, it was this reason that swayed us the most. Kris and I have many memories in the early years of being totally broke and yet wanting to learn.

In fact, I used my last bit of money to get to the Taos workshop and Kris used money she had put aside for an apartment to get to the same Taos workshop. We learned a ton in that week and it was also where we met. So we understand completely wanting to learn and being short of money.

So we hope the sale will help.

Everything on WMG Teachable is available under the sale, including the fantastic Advanced Craft classes we are doing, plus the new April regular workshops. All lifetime subscriptions are available, as well as the Study Along classes and novella classes that go with them.

Everything. And there is a lot.

Just hit purchase and on the next page put in the code:


And hit apply and you will get it for 50% off.

Any questions, feel free to write me.



  • Anitha Krishnan

    Thank you, Dean! This is definitely a surprise and a very pleasant one at that. The instant I saw your post, I went ahead and signed up for the Half Challenge! Thank you for making it easier to do so.

  • Britt Malka

    Thank you for doing this.

    I sent you an email, Dean, but now I see that you say the same here on your blog as what I asked you about in the email. So I’ll go ahead and buy now.

    No “Time of Great Forgetting” shall happen this year. 😀

  • Cheryl

    I could not resist Angel (who so reminds me of our departed Mr. Tiberius Poe) — and then, the opportunity for 275 days of externally-reinforced writing to get me on the bicycle, the horse, the plane (whichever metaphor you choose) to establish a long pattern such as I had with the Story Challenge all that time ago, before other things interceded. Thx, Dean & Kris & crew, for the Half-Challenge.

  • Michael W Lucas

    Do the “advanced” classes have prerequisites?

    I hear good things about the Advanced Character class. I did most of the regular classes way back when, but is there another “advanced” class I’d need to take first?

  • Joe

    Was a bit nervous about signing up for the half challenge but this is too good a deal to resist. Excited about upping my writing tempo!