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Got A Tiny Bit of Reading…

Just the Last Reading for the Anthology Workshop…

Wow, are there some great stories this year. I’ve been enjoying the reading a great deal, to be honest.

I sit in a recliner with floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides of me, looking out over the city of Las Vegas, my feet up, manuscripts on a coffee table beside me. I’ve been reading like that now for a number of weeks and finally to the last twenty or so stories.

Life sucks, getting to read professional stories every night in that setting. (grin)

Honestly I am bummed the reading is almost over for this year. And we are working hard on figuring out how we are going to do the anthology workshop next year. Getting closer, so stay tuned. I think we might be able to pull it off. Detail in the next week or so if we can make it work.

And those of you who wrote stories through the Kickstarters, stay tuned, responses will be back early next week.

So now to enjoy those last twenty or so stories. Hope everyone’s Friday night is as good as mine has been.


  • Stephanie

    Sounds fun! Curious though, if you’re down to the ‘last twenty or so’ how big was that pile when you started?

    Enjoy your reading.

  • Michèle Laframboise

    Sooo envying your reading spot! And the cats perched nearby, I guess…
    Until now, I am proud of keeping my streak, aiming for a half-million fiction words this year. But today was a day of reading in the bus (I enjoyed an 2014 Hitchcock mag, and there was a story of Kris inside!)