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Got a Third…

That’s Right!!

While off shopping at the grocery store, I noticed the pharmacy wasn’t busy, so stopped by and got my third Covid shot, my booster.  Free.

So two weeks ago I got my double-dose old-person’s flu shot and today got my third shot for Covid. Doing the best I can to protect not only myself, but people around me.

Took me ten minutes and then I went back to shopping. I was marveling at how simple it was and how so many people are just too cowardly to spend the ten minutes to protect their own family. Even if you listen to Fox, at least have the courage to protect others and get the shot. Help us all finally get out of this pandemic.

A guy came up behind me and I heard him say he was there for a Covid shot. White guy, maybe 40. But well-dressed and clearly had money, not like your average idiot who thinks Covid puts tracking devices in you to listen to your phone calls or some such thing.

So he was sitting outside the room waiting to go in to get his shot when I came out after getting the shot and I asked him if it was his first or second shot. He said it was his third.

I told him that was what I had just done. He said he was a doctor working around Covid patients all the time and figured he needed to get the booster.  I thanked him for everything he was doing. He looked exhausted. Then I asked him how he managed knowing all the people sick and dying were preventable by just doing what he and I were doing. He said “Frustrating beyond all measure. To everyone in his hospital.”

He said they had just mandated that all employees for the hospital get vaccinated, cleaning staff, office staff, everyone, no exceptions if they still wanted to work there, so the line in the hospital was so long, he came down to the grocery store to get his third shot where there was no line.

I thanked him again for doing all the hard work, even though the patients didn’t do anything to protect themselves. He thanked me back for getting my third shot.

Please, if you have not gotten the vaccine, DON’T TELL ME. Just go get it. Never too late to save a life. Maybe your partners, maybe your kid’s, maybe your own.

And it has been ten hours plus and no reaction at all except my shoulder is slightly sore. And so far spoons are not sticking to me. I keep trying, but they just keep falling off. Bummer.


  • Rob Kerns

    Congratulations on the third shot! I drove my parents to their appointment for it earlier this week. Dad felt like he had a light flu for a couple days, but Mom had no reaction at all beyond a slight soreness in her arm for the following 24 hours.

    Being 41 and not in a high-risk profession (since I get paid to sit at computer and make stuff up, as you say), I don’t think I qualify for the booster yet…but I’m already vaccinated. I signed up to be notified of extra doses when the vaccine first became available and had my second shot on April 1st.

  • Philip

    Another thing is I had zero side effects when I got my shots, not even injection site pain. I just spent a week in the hospital with pancreatitis and made small talk with the nurses and docs, and they said the real issue is a lot of people get a not so bad case of covid and then others assume it’s overrated and not that serious. Problem is, no one knows how it’s going to hit a person, so you can be one of the unlucky ones whose body reacts very poorly and you wind up in the ICU, not to mention all the variants.

  • Suzan+Harden

    I got my booster Thursday mornning because I’m considered high risk. I’m just not a gambler because no one knows how COVID will affect any particular person. All I ask is please don’t make me send out any more condolence cards.

  • Chong Go

    I just got a third (Pfizer), after getting 2 AstraZeneca. (Those go in deep!) So, when I didn’t even feel the Pfizer, I kind of laughed and said to the pharmacist, “People make a big deal about that?” She slapped her leg and said in a heavy Caribbean accident, “I know! It ain’t nothin!”

  • Martin

    Congratulations, Dean! I am also fully vaccinated for Covid-19, like most people in my region here in northern Germany. Next week I will get my flu shot. So everything works out fine for the people in my environment and for me.

  • Kate+Pavelle

    Hooray! Feels good, doesn’t it? I got mine on Wednesday. I’m not technically old enough, but I’m still overweight enough to qualify (lost 22lbs since the end of May and still at it – this may be the one and only time when the BMI charts are skewed to suit me just fine.) My new PT day job is working in an auto parts store, dealing with unmasked people who don’t seem like the types to vaxx. And driving parts out to satellite stores in spiking-red counties all around Pittsburgh, where I’m often the one and only masked person in the whole store. It’s as though people were waiting for the virus to burn its way through “naturally” and never mind the consequences. I have doctor friends and they are burned out beyond belief. It stuns me silly that a fat percentage of hospital employees refused to vaccinate because “they don’t know what’s in it.” But most of them won’t think twice over eating a hot dog.