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Glitch in the Negotiations Lectures

We Goofed on One Timing Issue.

We wrote down that the first webinar for the first negotiations lecture would be this Sunday, but it isn’t. It is Sunday October 14th. Second one is the 28th. Third one is November 4th.

Sorry about that. It has been corrected on the lecture page on Teachable.

The webinars for the other two lectures are accurate as far as we can tell now. (grin)

Sorry for the confusion. Just a mind-glitch on my part.

Still Time To Get In…

And if you have a credit from the recent Kickstarter, just write me and I’ll get you into an October workshop if you want. Or you can use the credits at any time into the future.

This month might be one of the best months of workshop choices we have ever offered. Sign up at 

And there are lifetime subscriptions available on Teachable as well if you decide to get serious and really try to take as many as possible.

Class #37… Oct 2nd … How to Study Writing
Class #38… Oct 2nd … Endings
Class #39… Oct 2nd … Point of View
Class #40… Oct 2nd … Writing Mysteries
Class #41… Oct 2nd … Speed
Class #42… Oct 2nd … Teams in Fiction
Class #43… Oct 3rd … Depth in Writing
Class #44… Oct 3rd … How to Use Tags
Class #45… Oct 3rd … Character Development
Class #46… Oct 3rd … Writing Secondary Plot Lines
Class #47… Oct 3rd… Information Flow
Class #48… Oct 3rd … Magic Bakery


Master Business Class.

The October online workshops have almost no one signed up, but that is a very different matter than the Master Business Class held here in Las Vegas. There are now ONLY TWO spots open for this class in Las Vegas from October 19th through the morning of the 24th.

This is just about last call, folks.

You will not believe the list of instructors who will be teaching this workshop. Kevin J. Anderson, Dave Farland, Rebecca Moesta, Loren Coleman, and The Passive Guy will be helping me and Kris and Mark Leslie and a bunch of others over the five days.

And Damon from Bookfunnel and also Mark is now going to work for D2D.

Cost is $750. Still time to jump in.

Notebooks full of more information than you can imagine. And fantastic networking. Lunch with instructors every day plus a hospitality suite every evening to sit and talk with others.

Check it out at


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  • E. R. Paskey

    Thanks for the clarification on the webinar! Sunday I would have been waiting for a link that never came. ?

    I wish I had clear decks for the Master Class. Can’t do it this year; little humans need me. 🙂 One day, though, I will make it there.