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GIFTS…. We Got Gifts…

Holiday Spectacular 2022 Kickstarter…

It will be starting in a few hours and I will come back here and post about it. But wow, I know it is early to be thinking about holiday shopping, but this campaign has a ton of great gifts for writers and readers and anyone who loves holiday stories.

The plan is to launch it at noon on Tuesday, West Coast Time. Right now you can get on the Kickstarter notification page for it at

The new art and branding this fourth year is really special. And wow do we have things everyone could give as gifts. Since I have been buried in it all night, working on final details, that was what struck me for this year.

Plus I flat love the new covers.

Here is an image of the covers from the anthologies from the first three years. (99 holiday stories by professional writers.) And yes, you can get these either three at a time (per year) or all nine.

Back later today at noon after we launch.