A Streak By Any Other Name…

…Can Be a Real Pain in the Ass

Headed for bed, going to get a good night’s sleep because I have a lot of extra finish work to do tomorrow on the new Holiday Spectacular 2022 Kickstarter campaign. And Kris, bless her, asked, “Did you blog?”

Nope. Totally spaced it, and thus it came that close for tonight being the first miss in over 3,700 days of never missing a day writing something here.

Wow, do streaks have power once they get going. Amazing.  I average well over 100,000 words a year in just doing this. Consumable words.

So now, since I do have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow, last minute details, on the Holiday Spectacular 2022 Kickstarter, I am headed to bed. Yes, I know it’s only just a little after 2 in the morning. Got a hunch I’m going to be up much later tomorrow evening for a launch on Tuesday. Just guessing.