Getting Excited About Writing

Life Roll of the Big Move is Almost Past

So I am getting really excited about writing as I get more and more rested.

My challenge of the 67 titles in my 67th year got blown out of the water by this life roll, so giving some thought to what I want to do next on that front. Maybe 68? Still thinking about that.

And my Cold Poker Gang series is getting some good feedback and was a focus for a time and I have a list of ten titles for that series that need novels to be written. That would be fun as well, since I am now living in Las Vegas. And when I walk into my kitchen I can see the Ogden where two of my detectives live. And the Golden Nugget where they have a regular breakfast.

So got a hunch I will be writing a bunch more mysteries starting very soon.

So I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I’m looking forward to a wonderful lunch with old friends tomorrow, then being back with Kris in Vegas Saturday evening.


  • JM

    You seem to like numerical challenges. “Ten Times Ten”?

    Ten Cold Poker Gang novels, ten days each, to finish them all in a hundred days? If you start August 14th, that will complete the challenge at Thanksgiving.

    Maybe not. I have a feeling you’d get bored of the same characters for that long and want to branch out.

    Maybe ten novels, one in each series? Cold Poker Gang, Poker Boy, Ghost of a Chance, Thunder Mountain, Seeders, Mary Jo Assassin, Jukebox, Pilgrim Hugh, Earth Protection League, and Doc Hill … or switch out for another series if you don’t want to write one of those … or include the creation of a new series.

    That’s about Pulp Speed 5, but only for 100 days. Your blogs during that time could be published as something like “Life at Pulp Speed Five – Writing Ten Novels in 100 Days.” It’ll also put you ahead on Smith’s Monthly for your less productive period at the beginning of the year.

    *shrug* Just a suggestion. I know you like those kinds of challenges. Me? Even my hobby writing is going to be taking a backseat to my day job for the next several months. I’m expected to work lots and lots of overtime until at least October, maybe even until the end of the year. But I’ll stop by to cheer you on, whatever goal you set for yourself.

    • dwsmith

      JM, That’s just crazy enough that it might work. And be a fun nonfiction book as well along the way. (Grin) And since I have enough short stories already written, it would give me ten Smith’s Monthly issues.

      Life at Pulp Speed Five… What a fun title.

      You are evil because you know I am just silly enough to try such a thing. (Grin)

      • JM

        “You are evil because you know I am just silly enough to try such a thing.”

        That’s the nicest thing anyone’s said to me all summer.