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Getting Close On Holiday Spectacular

Almost to Our Funding Goal…

And we have a lot of backers so far, which is wonderful. In fact, of all of the campaigns we have done, except for the Diving Universe campaign, this has the most backers at this point. That makes us all happy, because we hope to keep doing this every year, make it a tradition going forward.

We ended up this first year, as we are learning, putting the Pulphouse campaign and this new one too close together. We won’t do that again.

On the Pulphouse campaign, almost everyone now, or by the next day, will have gotten emails with rewards and stretch goals. If you haven’t gotten anything from WMG by Thursday, write me and we’ll get it figured out, no problem at all.

But now I hope you all will help us get past the funding goal for the WMG Holiday Spectacular 2019 and into some stretch rewards. We really want as many people to enjoy a wonderful holiday short story every day from the 28th of November to January 1st.

Kris has really put something special together here. And unique in fiction. Take a look.


  • Mark

    Kris has a wonderful narrator’s voice on this promo clip.
    I backed this for the holiday story workshop award.