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Fun New Year’s Eve

Hope Everyone Kicked 2018 To The Curb With Fun…

Kris and I sure did.

We started off the day working, then a quick lunch, then more work. Then by 3 p.m. we were standing in a very windy, very cold park getting ready to run a “fun” 5k run to end the year. Wind died as we got started, so it turned out to be fun after all.

Then home for a nice dinner, then a little more work before heading out to Fremont Street at 8:30 to join the crowds there in downtown Las Vegas. We saw the ball drop in New York there, then went into one of the casinos and had a drink and watched tourists for an hour.

Then walked back home (we live four blocks from downtown Las Vegas) and watched a movie for an hour or so until finally just before midnight going up on our observation deck and watching 2018 go away and 2019 come in with massive fireworks over the Las Vegas Strip on one side and the downtown area on the other.

Considering that for the last ten years we have sat in a basement on the Oregon Coast and watched television, this was a major change this year and great fun.

So here are some pictures of us at the park getting ready to start the day. I hope everyone had a good New Year’s Eve. Now tomorrow it’s back to writing.

First picture is of Kris looking cold before the run and second one is of me finishing as the sun set.


  • Ken McHardie

    Hi Dean,
    happy new year to you and Kris and family. Thanks to both of you for your wonderful videos. I finished the Character Voice workshop today, and will probably rewatch again in the next week..

    Although I’m not living in my Porche in the Desert, I’ve also had to deal with family of origin handicaps passed on from from one generation to the next – our collective human dysfunction on this small blue marble is something we all need to address to progress, but few do.

    You’ve helped opened up my creativity again, for which you have my everlasting thanks.

    Here’s to a great 2019 !


  • Kate Pavelle

    Happy New Year! Miranda was stuck working during the ball drop, so we brought the New Year pretzel I baked to her 24-7 store. She had a bottle of fizzy grapefruit juice waiting (wile stuff, that.) We invited her coworker into the toast. She had to clock out and tell the few lost souls that the kitchen is closed for ten minutes. People like that never cease to amaze me. It’s kind of sad that they don’t have anything better to do on New Year’s Eve.

  • M

    I never really think of Las Vegas as ever getting cold.

    I’m trying to remember any movie ever set there with people wearing knit hats or gloves, but I’m drawing a blank. I could look up its climate online, but from a personal standpoint, how cold does it really get there?

    • dwsmith

      Average high around now is 57, low around 40. But that is average. That day it was about 45 or so and a strong, dry wind. I don’t remember being that cold when I was skiing.

      Summer is 105 high average. So most certainly four seasons.