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Fun New Book I’m Going To Do

It All Started with a New iPad…

A really big one, like my old one that had pretty much given up working a year ago. A new iPad and a desire to get out of the condo more often.

Those two things are a deadly combination.

And then add in an article in the daily paper about the buffets back open around Las Vegas.

Oh, oh….

The thought hit my mind fairly quickly…. “I could take my new iPad with its fancy new keyboard and go write a short story while sitting in a buffet.”

Yes, I could do that. Oh, fun. It would take some discipline to maintain my weight, but I’m going to be doing enough running coming up to make up for some slips. And it would be fun to do a story in a buffet with unlimited food really, really close.

And then it dawned on me that I could write about each buffet as well, sort of like a buffet critic. So instead of going back to the same buffet all the time, I would make it an adventure to try to hit every buffet in town, writing an article about the experience in each one.

Every buffet in Las Vegas. Now that is nuts.

And the articles about each one could be in a buffet guide book, called THE LAST BUFFET: A Fiction Writer’s Guide to Every Las Vegas Buffet.

That might sell a few copies in a few places.

Then I would also include in a different book not only the articles, but all the short stories written in each buffet. Maybe call that collection: JUST ONE MORE BITE. 

Oh, what a fun idea. All because I got a new iPad and keyboard combined with a need to get out of the condo more and a love of buffets.

And I will post each chapter of the book here. Not the short story, but basically the entire buffet book one chapter at a time.

Stay tuned. Waiting for the keyboard to arrive now, then off I go.



  • Indiana Jim

    You know, Dean… first there was your height, build, hair, mustache, personality and distinguished chronological achievement… 😀 All those things make you remind me of my dad. But now you’re writing a book about buffets, one of his great loves! And casino buffets, to boot. We spent a lot of time in Reno in the 80’s.

  • Keith West

    I love this idea. I’ve just gotten a Fire table with a keyboard and have thought about doing something similar, only not at buffets. Not enough good ones where I live. I may follow your leadership on this. I just need to find a good place to write.

    • Tari

      Do you use your kindle fire to write your novels?

      If so, how? And what are the specs of your Kindle fire if you don’t mind me asking.