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Fun Day

Errands and Meetings and Fun Conversations…

Day started off with errands since it was my first full day back in town.

Then meetings at WMG and some planning out at the bookstore.

Then a fun dinner with writers.

Then a fun business meeting with even more writers.

Then I worked in my office at WMG cleaning up business stuff until after 1 a.m.

Home to watch some television and get some sleep now. I will answer email tomorrow.

Damn I have a tough life. (grin)


(Blog Streak Day 2,180)



The picture below is on the wall of my office that I am tearing apart. I will move it to my office in Las Vegas. I was the first person across the stage at the Writers of the Future very first ceremony.  My story can still be read in the very first volume.

Behind me is Robert Silverberg. Next is Roger Zelazny, I an shaking hands with Greg Benford, and Algis Budrys is at the podium. The framed award I am holding was burnt up in my house fire a few months later.

I have now written more books than everyone up there except for Robert Silverberg. And I’ll catch him at some point. Never would have thought that at that moment in time. Or that I would be a judge in the very same contest thirty-some years later. Go figure.