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Fun Concert…

Saw Beatlejuice Musical Tonight…

Really fun and really good and the music was great. And I got to sit for the first time in my season ticket seat for all the Broadway shows coming through over this next year.

I have to suffer in with my seat because it is in the box on the right side closest ti the stage and my seat is against the railing closest to the stage. In other words, one of the best in the entire place. I am just above eye level of the stage and within six paces. (If I could walk through the air.)

Thank you, Kris, for finding and getting me such a perfect seat. Going to make this season of shows really fun.

I was going to talk about a copyright thing here, sort of.  Will do that tomorrow night. Too late tonight for my brain to do that sort of writing.

But let me ask all you indie publishers this question… Are you sending in two copies of the best editions of your books 3 months after publication as required under Section 407 of the copyright act?  That is the topic for tomorrow night. Stay tuned. Don’t ask in the comments. I will explain it all clearly right here.  Just too late tonight to do so.

Picture of me and professional writer Ron Collins at the show tonight. And another picture of me and Kris.



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