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Finished a Novel

Tomorrow Will Be Starting New One…

I have a big project to put up on Teachable tomorrow that will be free for everyone, but past that I am going to be getting ready to start the Cave Creek novel.

How do I get ready? Simply put, I file the stuff from the novel I finished and turned in tonight. Get a blank yellow pad ready, and maybe start writing, depending on the time of day or night. So starting tomorrow I will be talking about my days and the writing of this next novel, including starting up.


Now out for sale. We will be sending it to all the supporters of the Year of the Cat Kickstarter, and in a week or so the we will have the hardbacks done as well.

And Ring Game: A Cold Poker Gang Novel will go out to all the supporters in three or four weeks. Before it goes on sale live. However, it will be an exclusive in a cat bundle first. I will announce that here when it goes live.

But here is a link to the THE FINAL THIRTY-FOUR