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New Pop-Up Coming

How Your Business Can Survive a Downturn…

It will be Pop-Up #19. Available in a few days.

It will be put inside of the Decade Ahead First Quarter class. We had always planned on putting it in there, with Pop-Up #18 in February and this new one in March.

But we did not expect what is happening now when we planned this. Scary times. This Pop-up will help.

So the Pop-Up #19 will be available in the Decade Ahead First Quarter or as a stand-alone or in the bundles for Pop-Ups. I will announce it here when it is posted.

Honestly, the best deal is the Decade Ahead Bundle, get all four quarters, because there is going to be a lot more cool stuff in each quarter.


All of these on Teachable.

Collaboration Class still has three spots available. This will start in a month or so and I will be collaborating with anyone signed up who wants to write a short story with me. Trust me, I will keep it fun for you.

The class is four weeks long and then a lot more learning as we do the story together. The stories will be for a Special Collaboration Issue of Pulphouse. (And yes, we will get paid for the story and you will be able to publish and use the story after we are done inside the rules that will govern between us in the contract.)

Year of the Cat Study Class is one full year of Kris and I talking about the stories we bought and why and why a story works. Since there are 100 stories in the 12 anthologies, this will go on for over a year.

This might be one of the best learning opportunities we have ever offered, and you get the 12 anthologies, one per month, over the year. Professional editors and writers talking about why stories work. I would have killed for this when I was starting out.

Shared Worlds Class is still open for sign-ups and the class is just getting into the how to write part. You will be able to take part in Cave Creek shared world if you are a part of this class. And all the videos that came before are still there.

Licensing Transition Class right now has a full six week workshop worth $300 in it, not counting all the many videos that are already there. This might be one of the best deals we have ever offered to help you make more money with your IP.

— Lifetime Subscriptions are all available. You can get a Lifetime Subscription to all the standard workshops, another for all the lectures, another for the Study Along workshops, and another for the Las Vegas workshops.

And The Challenges are all still open. Short story per week, write a novel every two months, or publish a book every month. Great challenges.

Wow, do we have some cool stuff, and later in the week I will have the April regular workshops posted for sign-ups. And the schedule for May through August.