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Figuring Out a Stretch Goal

Approaching Next Stretch Goal…

The Return of the Fey Kickstarter Campaign has 5 days left and we are nearing the 7th Stretch Goal (amazingly cool!).

When we hit that goal, all backers will get the fantastic novel FANTASY LIFE by Kris and another Pop-Up writing class called Freedom Indie Publishing Provides. That is a $150 value.

I have promised another stretch goal above the 7th, so I know for the 8th stretch reward it will be another $150 Pop-Up class called Creating Tension in Your Writing. We just have not decided on the next book for that goal. And if we get close to that goal, we will add yet another stretch goal.

Wow, backers of this are really getting some amazingly cool stuff.

And remember, there are two rewards that are fantastic workshops. The Writing Epic Fantasy $150 workshop will only be offered through the campaign, so don’t miss it. After these campaigns are finished I get so many people wondering if they can get into the special workshops and the answer is always no. Sorry. So don’t miss the workshop.

Only five days left for The Return of the Fey Kickstarter Campaign. Check it out!

Here are the first seven books of the Fey you can get on this campaign as a reward or add it to another reward.