Another Late Night Post

Two days in a row time got away from me…

So not much to say tonight, other than I find it stunning that December is coming so quickly, the anthology workshop is already underway, and I am almost healed from the big fall. Not completely, but moving better every day.

So coming up I will do some new year-end blogs about gearing up for writing and health as I also gear up for this third try at the big challenge and working on losing weight and getting in better shape.

And I promise that as normal with me, I won’t pull any punches. (Grin)

Stay tuned and have fun with the writing.

One Comment

  • Alexandra

    It’s the end of NaNoWriMo, and twitter is full of people telling new writers ‘Don’t send your manuscript to an agent before you haven’t polished every sentence’…. Just the idea to look at every sentence and just randomly change it to sound ‘better’ gives me such a headache…