Early Bird Discount Ending

Sunday is Last Day to Pay…

Anthology Workshop will be March 8th through the 11th, 2021. I WAS WRONG WHEN I POSTED THIS THE FIRST TIME. 8TH THROUGH 11TH. MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY.

Group list will start in late summer. Writing will start in late November.

We have made it cheaper for the writers to attend by moving it into weekdays, when room rates are very low, and also having it be only four days. Plus plane fare is cheaper flying in on Sunday and out on Friday.

We will still do at least six anthologies, so that will not change. Just cheaper to attend.

And we are making it one more bit of cheaper if you pay between now and Sunday.

Normal price is $750, but the early bird discount is $650. (I have extended this once, I won’t do it again, so please don’t ask. (grin))

You can sign up without paying. No problem. But if you want to save $100, pay through Paypal between now and Sunday evening at midnight.

Again, the early bird price is $650. Normal workshop price is $750.

All money paid in ahead is fully refundable if something doesn’t work out up to the point we start writing in November. Then it is transferable.

Two email addresses at Paypal work fine. Either my dean at deanwesleysmith dot com or the LasVegasWorkshops at WMGBooks dot com

Now I am going to go recover more from the fantastic anthology workshop that just finished. Night.