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First Of The Month!

Good Time To Start A Challenge…

Publishing Challenge, Short Story Challenge, or Novel Challenge. All are open and a great way to keep your goals on track for the year.

And a number of writers are in sight of lifetime subscriptions on the short story challenge, one on the novel challenge, and one has already gotten a lifetime subscription on the novel challenge. Keep going, folks.

Only four people are signed up for the Publishing Challenge. That one seems to scare hell out of writers. (grin)

This weekend I will be doing a bunch of posts about the first of March in the Decade Ahead class. And also a bunch in the Licensing Transition and Shared Worlds Classes, so those of you in those watch for the lectures. I will send emails about the new lectures that are up, but a bunch of you opted out of the emails from Teachable, so you won’t get the email.

And wildly enough, three spots still open in the Collaboration Class. So it is still open for sign-ups. (And again, you can take it without writing a story with me.) I assume most of you know that Clive Cussler died. I will be talking in the class about his collaboration method. Among others.

All of the above on Teachable.

And the March Regular Workshops start on Tuesday. That includes the Licensing 101 Workshop that is already in the Licensing Transition class and also in the Lifetime Workshop Subscriptions. Going to be an eye-opener at a basic licensing level, I can promise.

Class #21… Mar 3rd … Writing Romance
Class #22… March 3rd… LICENSING 101
Class #24… March 3rd … Writing into the Dark
Class #25… March 3rd … Writing Sales Copy
Class #26… March 4th … Depth in Writing
Class #27… March 4th … Writing Short Stories
Class #29… March 4th… Writing with Emotion
Class #30… March 4th… Advanced Depth

All of the above on Teachable.