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Down in the Details Classes

I Fell Behind On My Hoped-For Recording Dates…

But I will catch up over the next week or so on all three of the Down in the Details classes. I will send a message over the Teachable group on every class when I finish another one.

And yes, I know the collections on these sound like fun, but the story you write for each one needs to be out in the mail to major markets first. The collections will never close and if you sell a story to a major magazine, you can write another for me. (I will never know.)

Remember, those collections will never close, meaning that if I get a full book, I just add another collection since we hope to have this collection series go forward for many years. In other words, no deadlines.

Also, remember that a fourth series of classes will be added and a few of the parts of it will be, with luck, given away as stretch goals on the new Ivory Trees Diving Kickstarter. In fact, the campaign is gaining on the stretch goal that will have one of the new classes in it. Help us pass the word.

Plus the two special workshops in that campaign are going to be great. Remember, they will never be offered anywhere else.

And speaking of special workshops, the second sessions of the two special workshops from the Pulphouse Kickstarter have started today. I sent everyone a notice in each class but some people have shut off their Teachable email for some reason.

Here is Kris’s video for the new Diving Universe novel. I have read the book and wow is it a great one. (Might have to click the video twice to get it started.)