Dithering About Next Year

Ahhh, the Fun!!

Starting early to plan on a challenge for 2023 allows a lot of time to dither. And I dither a great deal.

I thought I had a fun challenge for 2023 yesterday, but the reaction from those I told and my thinking about why I even wanted to do it sort of took that plan from “I’m willing to work like a fool.” to “Might not be worth it.”

Those are things I had trouble with last year’s challenge of a story per day. I knew I could do the work, but ran smack into “Not worth it.”

So I have now backed off to the goal or challenge having the following factors. You might want to all keep these in mind setting your own yearly goals…

1… Can I do it with limited vision? (just add your own health issue here.)

2… Is it in my control?

3… Am I doing it for me or for some other reason?

4… Will I still care in August?

5… How much work is really involved for me and what if the value to me?

Just some helpful hits for everyone as I dither here on this Friday night over next year’s challenge while I keep my cat entertained with the cursor.


  • Em

    I usually take October to dither and November to start finalizing ideas, then I set my plan on the first Advent, before the holiday rush overwhelms me.

    I started this years ago when I realized that, from mid-October to Early January, one family event after another takes place, most involving travel to bookend the event–3 or more days lost, not just one.

    It works for me. I always plan more than I can achieve, then I’m happy when I manage more than the usual.

  • T Thorn Coyle

    Thanks for posting about your process and questions.
    The challenge I’m thinking of for next year is a business challenge I’ve put off and put off.

    I’m now in a better position to do it (other things are stabilized). But I realize what I need to do to prepare is to set myself milestone deadlines with dates. Otherwise, I’ll likely let this business challenge slip away again.

  • Kate Pavelle

    Dean, is there anything in writing and publishing you have NOT done yet? And wanted to? (I.e. not Regency as a challenge.)
    I see you run into the “what to get Dad for Christmas, he already has everything” problem.” Except it has to be right for you, so only you will know once the idea pops up.

  • Keith West

    I’ve had next year on my mind a lot. If everything goes according to plan, I will have a major career change and move hit. Which is why I want to do the ghost story collection class the first time it’s offered and not in May. Other factors, related to the move/career change are still nebulous at this point.