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Decisions on Smith’s Monthly Issues

Decisions: Smith’s Monthly

As I said yesterday, I will update the decisions and writing being done for putting together the next three issues of Smith’s Monthly. I will usually do this every other week on Friday, when very few people drop by here. The widget on the right will be updated as I finish stuff, even though I don’t talk about it in a blog post until a weekend.

I talked with Allyson at WMG Publishing today about the serial in Smith’s Monthly and we came up with it being fun to put the non-fiction writing book Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing in three installments.

Granted, the book is available for sale, but there are a couple reasons behind this thinking. Mostly that will give me three months to get another serial novel going. I like the idea of doing a Buffalo Jimmy book as a serial again, so this will give me until January to write that.

And it never hurts to promote the nonfiction writing books at times. This will be the third nonfiction book I have put in Smith’s Monthly over the three years. The first one was the golf First Tee humor book.

So now, except for finishing the novel, the next issue is together. So the plan is to start writing on Wednesday and see if I can do a ten day or so novel for the issue. Stay tuned.

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