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Putting Together Smith’s Monthly Issues

Putting Together Smith’s Monthly

As I keep making changes to this site and get going on year four of my magazine, I thought it would be fun to sort of let you all follow along with putting these issues together.

You have been watching me write stuff here for three years, so why not the next step for the next year? So over on the right side I have listed the next three issues of Smith’s Monthly and what I have ready for them now.

The assigned stories are there at the moment, but might change out if I write some new ones. I like to lead off each issue with a Poker Boy story, so might try to write a few of those for coming issues.

Every other week or so I will do a blog post, more than likely on a Friday or Saturday night, talking about the progress and the thinking going into each issue. And I will talk about the writing of the stories or novels in those posts.

Below the issue widget, when I get started back writing, I will put the progress on a novel like I used to do in posts. Readers tended to like those to use as a way of tracking their own writing.

A point on this first post about putting the issues together. All those stories listed there are original stories, never published anywhere. Five of them I wrote in January. I might occasionally find an older story, but pretty much this year four of the magazine will be all new and original, written this year.

Hope you are interested. Should be painless to follow along at least.

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