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December Regular Workshops Starting…

Tuesday and Wednesday…

If you want to see the list of the December regular workshops, go to

Study With Dean

That is the new web site where links will take you directly to the class instead of having to search on Teachable. We will have them sorted in short order by craft, business, and attitude, as well as by types of workshops. Not all links are there yet, but it is happening quickly.

All the workshops that I do regularly such as the regular workshops, collection classes, Decade Ahead, Bite-Sized Copyright, and others will be under Study with Dean, as well as in the entire list and other places.

A Billion Times easier than getting around on Teachable and this is sorted.

Again, the December Regular Workshops are starting and you can sign up now. They are

Class #54… Dec 6th … Writing into the Dark
Class #55… Dec 6th … Teams in Fiction
Class #56… Dec 7th … Depth in Writing
Class #58…Dec 7th … Applied Depth
Class #59… Dec 7th … Advanced Depth
Class #60… Dec 7th … Killing Critical Voice

Just go to and click the tab Study with Dean


    • dwsmith

      January and February starts?… Same Six as Regular workshops, with maybe one new. In January four collections workshops start (one new), the Bite-Sized Copyright class starts, the Decade Ahead starts in its new format.

      And of course, the first of the Advanced Craft class that is 9 weeks long. (We will tell you which one in a week or so.)

      Also, the major Fey class starts in February. (I will update those who are signed up on the Fey Kickstarters in January, but folks can still buy into that one as well. Different from the special workshops.)

      Check on as things get added and check back here as well.