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Day Thirteen of Writing a Novel in Half a Month

Chapter Thirteen: Day Thirteen of Writing a Novel in Half a Month

Last night got to bed at my normal 4 am time, but the allergies are still killing me, even with a pill today. And my hearing seemed to get even worse today. Clogged up it with that 30,000 foot in the air feeling trying to pop my ears. All day.

On top of that, I was so stupidly busy, I flat forgot to come here and make some entries. Didn’t even think about it until 1 am in the morning. So I will reconstruct the day in one entry for this chapter.

Day Thirteen, Entry One (And only).

12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.  I got up late and thus got a late start. Advantage of not being able to hear with plugged ears is that no noise wakes me. Not even my phone alarm. Oh, oh… So got to the internet computer at 12:30 pm and did email and other workshop stuff until 2:30 pm when Kris got back from our downstairs office.

I also updated the Kickstarter Best Practices with three new campaigns by writers signed up on the course. It’s free, folks, and writers are doing great on there.

2:30 pm to 4:00 pm. I cooked us lunch, then we sat in our alcove overlooking the city and talked workshops and the upcoming Kickstarter and other things.

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Back in here for even more email, a bunch of business, and a call with Loren on his upcoming book about Kickstarter that every fiction writer is going to want when he publishes it.

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. I went to a nearby restaurant and got us take-out and we ate dinner and watched the news. Amazing news about the vaccines. Wow, stunned.

8:00 pm to 9:30 pm. Worked on assignments for the workshops all the way through. Didn’t get them all done.

9:30 pm to 11:00 pm. Watched some television with Kris.

11:00 pm to 12 midnight. Finished up all the weekly class assignments and got March workshops launched. No time to read Cave Creek stories, so I will get back to that tomorrow.

12:00 midnight to 2:30 am with a couple of short breaks (with a couple emails sent out in the breaks), I wrote on the book. Going quickly as I near the ending. After this many days, I should be getting near the ending, if I just gave it more time, I would finish it. Still not sure where it is going exactly, but not panicked. Just having fun writing.

So got 3,400 words done.  Then moved over to this computer to write this.


Day One… 3,004 words

Day Two… 2,950 words

Day Three… 2,500 words

Day Four… 1,810 Words

Day Five… 0 Words

Day Six… 1,750 Words

Day Seven… 3,350 Words

Day Eight… 3,100 Words

Day Nine… 3,950 Words

Day Ten… 2,500 Words

Day Eleven… 3,600 Words

Day Twelve… 2,900 Words

Day Thirteen… 3,400 Words

TOTAL… 34,814 words



  • JM6

    “Going quickly as I near the ending. After this many days, I should be getting near the ending, …. Still not sure where it is going exactly,”

    Okay. This is one part of writing into the dark I don’t understand. How do you know you’re near the end? Is it a deeply ingrained sense from having written so many books? Or is your back-of-the-mind goal of 40,000+ sort of guiding you toward that ending subconsciously within your chosen word limit?

    • dwsmith

      How do I know? Because I am a reader. Nothing to do with writing or how many books I have written.

      Next novel you read by a top professional writer, surface from the reading (if you can) about fifty pages from the end. Check in besides pages left how you know you are nearing the end. You, as a reader will be able to tell. It will feel like it is nearing the end. That’s how I know, it feels like it is nearing the end.