Challenge,  On Writing

Creating a Habit of Writing

How to Do It?…

Make a schedule and stick to it. Pretty soon the schedule becomes a habit.

That’s how.

It really is that simple, but that difficult. First of all, I needed to want to write again. Got that going with the challenge. Forced my own hand there, maybe a little sooner than I should, but ah well, it’s going.

Second, I had to get used to this new place and Kris’s world here since I have spent most of the last six months in Oregon cleaning out the house we lived in for 23 years. Spent the last six weeks plus learning to live and love this wonderful new place.

So today Kris and I spent lunch at this wonderful Thai restaurant we just found, planning my schedule, and hers in the process as well.

Once I get past a few projects that are deadline driven this weekend and early this next week, I will drop into that writing schedule. And I will use these projects to set the schedule as well.

I can tell you this. My schedule carves out more than enough time for five or six thousand words most days. A few days even more.

And that has me excited, to be honest.

Plus I am running a 5k tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. That is going to be interesting as well. We have one run scheduled every week until Christmas and after. And there is a marathon for me in there somewhere as well.

So a good Saturday of progress on the writing. Schedule set, habit will soon follow.




  • Phillip McCollum

    You definitely have a full plate, Dean! Looking forward to the workshop and hearing about your progress in person. Speaking of Thai, was that Lotus of Siam where you ate? A coworker introduced me to that place a couple years ago and it’s some of the best Thai I’ve ever eaten.

  • J. D. Brink

    That’s what killing my progress right now. No routine, no habit. My new life is still in flux, no steady schedule, a thousand appointments. I think this whole year is going to be a wash for me! (Not quite, but it feels that way.) Routine is so important.

  • Johanna Rothman

    If you are willing, please do share your (rough) schedule. I’m in the midst of changing my schedule so I can write and manage my business. You do it. I *should* be able to do so, too :-))

    • dwsmith

      As soon as it firms up into something repeatable, I will do just that. More than likely after the master class.