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Cover Fun

As I Do Every Month…

First, before covers, I would like to thank those of you who sent ideas for Pop-Up classes. The ones online I tried to explain why the might or won’t work. Might want to check my reasons, but still got some great ideas, so thanks!!

These covers below are the covers I did tonight in a few hours for the next Smith’s Monthly Issue, (actually 1 hour and 35 minutes, including finding art.)

I didn’t have to find the art for next month’s issue. Allyson already had that. The mountains in that image are exactly like the mountains where most of the Thunder Mountain novels take place. Best image so far.

And only four short stories in the coming issue. (Actually there are nine because I am serializing Stories from July so five extra stories per issue are in there for that.

Anyhow, this month all the covers were in the template, so pretty easy.


  • Suzanne LaGrande

    Hi Dean,

    Where to you find the art you use for the covers? Do you belong to a stock image library? Do you do a lot of adapting of the images to make it fit a series look?


    • dwsmith

      Royalty Free art sites is where we get all our art. Dreamstime and DepositPhoto are two we use the most. Check your terms of service on any site.

      We might do a little adapting, but very little beyond branding with fonts and such. The professional art we find is professional, so no need to fix it. Besides, we find art to series and genre, not to plot.