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Difference In Types of Workshops

I Got That Question…

What is the difference in the types of workshops you do ONLINE? On Teachable.

Figured it was a good question. So I decided I would just explain all the workshops we do in a quick summary. And wow do we do a lot of workshops.

So going from short to long…

Lectures… Short, very focused on one tight topic. Takes about 45 minutes to watch. Do at your own pace.

Pop-Ups… Takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to watch, on average. Focused on one business or writing topic. Has a short story you can write for it as well. Do at your own pace.

Special Workshops... Three weeks and focused on one topic. Only offered through Kickstarter Campaigns and only offered right after the campaign is over and not again. (Can’t buy these on Teachable, only through a Kickstarter Campaign.)

Classic Workshops… A workshop that we once taught as a regular workshop. Six weeks of videos, but no assignments to turn in. Do at your own pace.

Regular Workshop… Six week workshop with assignments on deadlines. There are eight or nine a month. Depth workshop is the basis of the craft workshops. Some of them are every month, some rotate every two months.

Study Along Workshops.  These last four days, have a reading list, and three story assignments. They are in conjunction with the In-Person craft workshops here in Vegas. Got six of them in 2022.

Collections Workshops… Nine Week workshop with assignments to deadlines. You write five stories in nine weeks and publish a collection in the last week.

Longer workshops like MASTER BUSINESS CLASS and others. Many of these got messed up with the pandemic and will return January 1st to basically start over. Master Business Class just started and will ramp up through the fall to having about thirty other classes included between now and May when the Licensing Expo happens here in Vegas.

And that is a quick summary of the workshops on Teachable. We also have Lifetime Subscriptions to the Regular/Classic Workshops and also the Lectures and also the Study Along workshops. You can buy those and we give those as awards for the three challenges we do.