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Challenges Both Started

And Both Still Have Some Room…

You can start any time with either the novel challenge or the short story challenge.

On the novel challenge, you have to tell me when to start the clock ticking for the two months. (No writing ahead, finish your current project and when you are ready to start the next book, let me know if you are in the novel challenge.)

For the short story challenge, the streak starts when you turn in the first story.

There are prompts on the short story challenge each week and some stuff about novel writing on the novel challenge each week. And yes, you can move from the short story challenge to the novel if you would like.

Sign up on Teachable.

Ask Kris Anything

The series of live webinars still has room. It starts on April 21st (NEXT WEEKEND) and will run once a month for at least 13 months.

I am kind of surprised there is still room, since Kris wanted to limit this and I thought that would fill at once. But not yet.

Again, details and sign-up on Teachable.

Mentorship Available…

I mentioned this a few weeks back in passing, sort of like I am doing now. I have five people on the mentorship, one not even starting until July. And another is having health issues and isn’t writing at the moment. So I have room and time to help someone for a year. Cost is $3,000. Write me if interested.

Note, I will say no if I don’t think I can help you yet. I had a number like that. One jumped into the lifetime workshop membership and I really will be able to help there.

The mentorship consists of me reading anything you send me (except works in progress) and you asking me questions or getting advice any time you want. I ask that you also check in every Sunday so I can sort of stay in touch with what you are doing.

Mystery Workshop Here Ending Tuesday…

Been a great week with the writers here, although I haven’t been around them much. Today they all headed off to the Mob Museum and Kris gave them an assignment from there.

As for coming workshops, the Romance workshop in September is full, but the Master Business Class in October has ten spots left open for it. Going to be an amazing crew of instructors this year and a ton of learning. That one already excites me.

More information on that at

Write me if you have questions about any of this.



  • Céline Malgen

    Has the date changed for the first Ask Kris Anything webinar? I thought it was supposed to start on April 21st.

    And once again, thank you Dean and Kris for offering so many opportunities to learn, for writers of all levels.