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CES Show

Kris and I Are Both Going…

For at least as long as our brains hold out from all the crowds and things to see. For us it starts on Tuesday. We are only planning to be there during the days, but my gut sense is that by Thursday we might both be burnt out. I might be wrong.

The entire Consumer Electronics Show is spread over the entire city and I am not kidding. There had to be thirty or more places to pick up badges. We walked a few blocks downtown and got ours in the lobby of a hotel there. Free shuttles leave the four major downtown hotels every twenty minutes. That is a lot of shuttles since a round trip would be lucky to make in an hour and a half to all the major sites along The Strip.

This entire thing is at a scale I can’t even imagine. Over 200 extra flights have been scheduled just to get people into town.

On the way downtown we saw where Bose had taken over a three story building and also built three tents in the parking lot for the show. That is their presence in the show.

So not only does this thing take up the entire massive Las Vegas Convention Center, but four or five other major hotel convention centers. First day we are going to be a the Aria Convention Center because that’s where a lot of publishing and movies and television and gaming and creative tracks are. Not all, but a lot of it. We figured it was the best place to start.

Amazon has at least a dozen locations for different things spread over the city.

We are attending some programming, but my goal is to just walk and look and discover new stuff. (And I will get far, far over 10,000 steps per day I am sure.) I am also sure I will be blogging about it some here.

I plan on doing my writing and regular business as well all three days. So no issue there. (Got right at 4,000 words today, so ramping up and not going to lose that momentum.)

Kris is blogging on her Patreon page about the show, which you can get to on her web site from any business post. She’s going to have lots of things to say so might want to follow her there.

So here comes an interesting week of fun and learning. Stay tuned.