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A Crazy First Five Days

Workshop and Mentor Stuff…

It has been a wild and crazy five days for me, both in ramping up the writing and exercise, but mostly in the WMG Publishing side of work. You know, first of the year business stuff. Longest five days I have had in a long, long time.

But now things are smoothing out. And tomorrow I even turn in two book projects to WMG Publishing. One on time, one ahead of time. (They might faint.)

So to get some rest and make tomorrow my best fiction writing day in a long time, I am just going to give you the information I gave out earlier in the week on workshops and a spot still open in the mentoring program.


First… I have one spot open for anyone interested in having me be a mentor this year. I had one person drop out due to a nasty health issue that does not sound like a good way to start a year. So one spot open. I am just starting to get going with the other two in this program (tomorrow, Sunday, actually). All the details are in the post here.

Second… I have decided to do the challenge again. You can write either three novels in three months or thirty short stories in two months. And I read them (slowly it seems) and you also get $600 credit toward any workshops or lectures you want. Only two signed up so far. You can start on the 15th of January or the 1st of February. Up to you. Full details are posted here.

Third… The second Futures Workshop has started. 

This one is called Opportunity: How to See and Evaluate Opportunities.

Basically Create and Take Advantage of Opportunities.

Two tag lines that fit the same workshop. The first Futures workshop is still available and you can take it at any point and turn in assignments as quickly as you would like to go through it, but you need to have gone through it to take this second one. First one is Future Workshop: Refresh and Renew.

There will be four when we are done, all very important to writers in this new world. You can get them all in a bundle, or if you want a billion workshops, sign up for the Lifetime Workshop Subscription. All of it can be found on Teachable.

Fourth… The January Regular Workshops have started.

Only ten different ones in January now, down from twelve a month this last year.

Again, on Teachable.

Here is the list of the regular workshops. (Note they started on the 1st and 2nd but still time to jump in.)

Class #1… Jan 1st … Depth #3: Research
Class #2… Jan 1st … Author Voice
Class #3… Jan 1st … Dialog
Class #4… Jan 1st … Writing into the Dark
Class #5… Jan 1st … Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #6… Jan 2nd … Depth in Writing
Class #7… Jan 2nd …Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #8… Jan 2nd … Writing Fantasy
Class #9… Jan 2nd … Novel Structure
Class #10… Jan 2nd … Advanced Depth

Any questions, feel free to write me about any of this.



  • Mickie Dreysen

    Dean: and every hour of every crazy day, are you grateful you haven’t signed a *morals clause*? Good lord, how can anybody be this willfully ignorant of how writers have been treated in the past over “morals”…

    I for one am very much enjoying watching you ramp up to the new year. My own little echo of this path is going as well I could hope/plan for, so seeing someone else go through it is a pretty big deal. Thank you sir, and best wishes all that comes next.

    • dwsmith

      Yup, that is just scary on that one area. And if you wave your “moral rights” in a contract they can publish anything under your name. Not knowing this stuff folks is just flat dangerous. Like a drunk stumbling on foot down the middle of a freeway. Might get missed a bunch, but eventually something will hit the drunk. Be informed. Learn copyright and basic publishing contracts.

      Thanks, Mickie.