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Card Sharp Silver… Day 6

Going to Ramp Up Speed Tomorrow…

Since the Cave Creek Kickstarter that this novel Card Sharp Silver is a part of has been extended a week, I am going to see if I can finish this book in that amount of time. So got to ramp up to about 4,000 or more words a day to do that.

Possible. Only four hours a day. Artificial deadline, I know, but a fun one.

Today however, I managed about 1,000 words again. Just too much other stuff and no focus.

Started off at 11 am doing email on my internet computer. Did that and some business until around 12:30 pm.

Then with a large grocery list and a list of errands, I put on a light coat (for protection, not for warmth), light gloves, and headed out.

First stop clear out in Henderson. Very, very creepy driving by the Strip. All shut down. Almost no traffic in the middle of the day on the freeway. I made it to the Vegan Bites shop, a place that does vegan cakes and cookies, in record time.

Kris had called in an order and I picked it up. I was the only car in a large mall parking lot that was normally full. Again creepy.

Next to Cinnaholic, which was also doing take-out only. Both places I handed the clerk $40 for a $25 or $24 order and told them to keep the change. Number one, trying to support the poor businesses and people, but number two, I didn’t want to touch their money.

Then off to Von’s Supermarket (a chain owned by Albertson’s). A ton of the shelves were just empty or barely had anything on them. Everyone walked in silence.

By this point I was convinced I was in the Twilight Zone future. I was safe, no worry. I never touched anything without my gloves and then sanitized the gloves to death every time I got in the car.

So after Von’s, I drove a mile to Smith’s Grocery Store (A chain here.)

They were stocked like the old days. No issues and I had no trouble finding things and for the first time all day I felt like I was back in a regular place again.

So I got home around 4 pm and Kris and I spent the next hour sanitizing and putting away everything. It used to be so easy to unload groceries. Ahh, the good old days. Took an hour, not kidding, but wow were we careful.

So then more email, then a nap, then I cooked dinner, an image of which Kris put on Facebook.

Then in here to do more work on this internet computer, including all the workshop assignments. Then another short nap and then Kris and I watched an hour of the Voice. After that I watched a little of the news.

Nevada is ranked at the top of the success of social distancing and protections. And Clark County (where Vegas is) ranks at the top of Nevada. No wonder this place is a ghost town. Everyone is following the Governor’s orders.

My old state, Oregon ranks right at the bottom of all the states, which surprised me. Kind of thought Oregon would be out ahead, but instead lagging way behind. Go figure.

Allyson this last weekend told me that everyone was being so stupid there, that the Goodwill store was packed and all restaurants were still open in Lincoln City and the beaches full. Guess most of that closed just today. Here we have been shut down going on two weeks now and all Casinos and restaurants have been down for a week, some longer.

Anyhow, about 12:15 am I moved over to the writing computer and got 1,000 words done before moving over here and writing this. More focus on the writing tomorrow.

Stay safe out there, folks.


  • Eli Jones

    I live in the Columbia Gorge in Oregon and tourists (and locals, honestly) were all over the place last weekend. Oregon delayed too much putting shelter-in-place, uh, in place. We’re all stocked up here, but maybe a third of my little town isn’t taking this seriously. Yet.

    Always good to see your writing in public posts, Dean. I’ve just started a writing challenge myself using Heinlein’s Rules as the basis, and a side goal the last few days have been “beat Dean in new words written”. I don’t think I can keep up once you ramp up to 4K a day, though!

  • Peggy

    For readers east of the Mississippi, Smith’s is owned by Kroger.

    I have yet to walk out to the edge of my development and look at the Strip at night, though I drive across the Strip at the Wynn on those few days when I have to go in to work to check the mail, and that intersection is empty but for a handful of cars… Twilight Zone for sure!

    Stay safe, everyone!