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Card Sharp Silver… Day 2

Pretty Much A Wash-Out

I hit the internet computer with my trusty protein bar at 11 am, and spent three hours working on various emails and business stuff. Typical Friday morning for me.

Then I went for a mile one-way walk to see if one of our favorite restaurants was open for take-out. Nope. All shut down. Everything in Nevada is locked up tight these days except for essentials.

So Kris called in lunch to another restaurant and I picked it up on the way back. 4,500 steps to start off the day.

Took a nap (exhausted from the long last three weeks), then did more email and had another long business meeting with Allyson and Kris. Then another nap and then I cooked dinner and we watched a little television.

Then another long walk with Kris so that I made my 10,000 steps and she was like at 15,000 steps or some ungodly amount.

Then watched a little more television, then got back into my office around 11:30 pm. I recorded a few workshop videos, including an extra copyright video for the Licensing 101 class third week, then moved over to my writing computer.

Picked up fine where I had left off last night, got about 500 words and my brain said that was enough. Tired doesn’t begin to describe how I feel dealing in business with all the stuff going on. So finally able to rest some today, so I let down. Pretty standard.

So now it is 1 am and I am going to go veg in front of the television (not watching news) for a half hour or so and get a good night’s rest so I can pick up speed tomorrow on the book.

By the way, this kind of slow start is pretty normal for me.

And by the way, Cave Creek Kickstarter stalled (as expected) with the world events going on. But we have four days left now and I hope you all will take a look at it, see if we can kick it up some. We made the first stretch goal and the next goal has a free lecture for everyone in it.

So pass the word if you would. Give it a kick, so to speak. (grin)

Cave Creek Kickstarter

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