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Business Master Class Started

Turn On Your Email on Teachable…

If you are in the Business Master Class and didn’t get a letter from me tonight, you have your email off on Teachable. I will communicate a bunch in the Business Master Class and other workshops through Teachable email. Turn it on if you want announcements and other information. Just go to your Teachable dashboard.

For those with it off, (meaning you did not get a letter from me) you need to go to the class and watch the first videos and there is a code there to get into Pop-Up #39 which is the first class of maybe up to 40 classed to come in the Business Master Class Series between now and May 2022. This first class happens to be a Pop-Up.

For those not in the Business Master Class, you can still get the new Pop-Up #39 on FLEXIBILITY IN BUSINESS.

But if you want all the Business Master Class Series, jump into the big class. It will be worth it, I promise.


  • Connor whiteley

    Completely agree. This will be worth it. Watched the intro videos earlier and started the pop up. I’m really excited about the Masterclass. It’ll be great!

  • Suzanne LaGrande

    I am looking for where to turn on the newsletter in teachable. It’s not under profile or manage subscriptions. Can you tell me where I can find it. Sorry, if its obvious.

    • dwsmith

      Not a newsletter, it is just allowing emails. Should be a toggle in your control panel to allow emails. I can’t see your control, so I have no idea, but I know it’s there. Can someone seeing this point here in the right direction.

      But not a newsletter, just a switch to allow emails. Some people when they sign into Teachable for the first time just toggle it off because they don’t want more emails. I promise, I am the only one who can send emails to you and I won’t spam you. If you are on the Kickstarter list I send emails telling you about Kickstarters. One larger workshops like the master class, I just send out announcements when I have posted something. If you don’t have the email on, you should be checking the Master Business Class list every week or so all fall, winter, and spring because there will be so much new stuff.

  • Sarah

    I found it by going to the main WMG Dashboard in Teechable that shows all the courses, then clicking on my profile circle up in the right hand corner. Drop down menu appears, then select “edit profile.” New screen pops up and in right column there were three contact preference boxes to toggle on under my name/email.

    Hope that helps.