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Business Master Class Is Over

Or It Will Be by 11:30 am…

Wow, great fun, great information, great discussions, and seven of us even went zip-line flying tonight. Four of the instructors and three of the writers attending.

The move to Las Vegas really seemed to work. And the massive amounts of information for five days was amazing. Wow, just wow. It will take everyone some time to sort it all out and figure out what to do first. Including me and Kris.

But right now, as this comes to an end, Kris and I would like to thank not only all the wonderful writers who showed up, but most importantly the instructors who gave their time and energy and knowledge.

— Mark Leslie (Lefebvre): Writer, podcaster, and new Director of Business Development for Draft2Digital.

— Kevin J. Anderson: New York Times bestselling author and co-owner of Wordfire Press.

— Rebecca  Moesta: New York Times bestselling author and co-owner of Wordfire Press.

— David Farland: New York Times bestselling author, Hollywood expert, and executive editor of Writers of the Future.

— David P. Vandagriff: The Passive Guy. Blogger and IP Attorney.

— Damon Courtney: Writer and founder and CEO of Bookfunnel.

— Loren L. Coleman: Bestselling novelist and owner/publisher of Catylast Game Labs.

— Christine F. York: Bestselling author of many mystery and science fiction novels under numbers of names.

— Andrea Pearson: Writer and host of the popular Self-Publish Strong podcast.

— Donna Cook: Writer, editor, and publishing consultant.

— T. Thorn Coyle: Writer and the best moderator anyone could ever ask for.

Thank you all!!

And next year’s Master Business Class in Las Vegas is already getting lined up. Dates are October 25th through October 29th, 2019. Early bird price is $750.00. To sign up, write me.


  • Phillip McCollum

    This was my first ever WMG workshop and it was nothing short of amazing. It’s not only the insightful instructors and curriculum, but the networking and friendships formed with fellow writers that make this one of the most worthwhile events to attend in this new incarnation of publishing.

    “Great job” to the WMG team on putting this together.

  • J.A. Marlow

    Thank you for everyone who helped put on and then teach at this year’s Master Class! It was great!

    Like you, I will be going over the notes and ideas for months to come. So much came out of it. Again, THANK YOU!

    And watching the zipline video was a hoot! Thanks for sharing that with us.

  • Amy Laurens

    Echoing Phillip’s sentiments exactly. This workshop far exceeded any hopes I might have had for it, and I’m eagerly plotting how soon I can get to another one from halfway around the globe. Thank you SO much to everyone who was involved for a superlative learning experience, all done with the friendliest and most supportive bunch of writers I could ever hope to have met 🙂