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Book Ads and Workshops Going Classic

Yup, We Do Ads!

For anyone who has picked up the paper version of Pulphouse Fiction Magazine, you notice a lot of ads for many WMG books and magazines. But you will also see 1/3 page ads for books from the author of a story in the magazine.

That’s right, we give the author a free 1/3 page ad to put with their story to advertise another book of theirs. We can’t do it in the electronic editions, but we do it in the paper version. From industry standards, the black and white ad is valued about $300 for the third page.

So for the , we are offering any writers 1/3 page black and white ads for $200 to support the magazine.

We just added that in as a reward and also added it as an add-on if you want to add that to another reward, or get more than one ad.

I got a couple good questions about the ads in the magazine, both of them centered around a discount if they took more than one. On Kickstarter, there is no way to do discounts I’m afraid. You can take as many as you like there at $200 each and we can spread them out over any of the eight issues coming up in the next two years. No problem there.

But discounts for numbers of insertions we can’t do on Kickstarter. However, we can do it direct through me and it will still help the magazine.

So on Kickstarter, eight ads would be $1,600. If you write me and want to do eight ads in eight issues or four issues (2 per issue) or whatever, the cost would be $1,200. In other words, you get two ads free, eight ads total.

We do have some restrictions on the ads. They have to be camera ready (meaning a high quality jpg file and they can be color or black and white, doesn’t matter, but they will appear black and white.) They need to be about a book or book series of some sort. And we have the right to reject the ad if not suitable for Pulphouse. (We will help you fix it.)

And once again, for those who have backed the subscription drive already, thank you!


Yeah, I’m wondering what happened to August myself. But it is basically gone and the regular September workshops start on Tuesday and Wednesday.

And for half of these workshops, it will be the last time you can take it with homework turned in. That’s right, a bunch of the September workshops are going to Classic Status.

Research, Author Voice, Point of View, Writing Westerns, and Novel Structure are all going to Classic after this month.

So if you want to take these workshop and do the assignments, this is your last chance.

So last call for those workshops in regular format.

(If you are a lifetime subscriber, or sign up for a lifetime workshop subscription, you will still be able to do the assignments and send them to me on those five workshops.)

Class #21… Sept 3rd … Depth #3: Research
Class #22… Sept 3rd… Author Voice
Class #23… Sept 3rd … Attitude
Class #24… Sept 3rd … Writing into the Dark
Class #25… Sept 3rd… Writing Fiction Sales Copy
Class #26… Sept 4th … Depth in Writing
Class #27… Sept 4th …Writing and Selling Short Stories
Class #28… Sept 4th … Writing Westerns
Class #29… Sept 4th … Novel Structure
Class #30… Sept 4th … Advanced Depth

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