Blast From the Past Photo

Just For Fun On This Saturday Night…

I thought I would put up an old photo. I’m going to be rounding up old photos from various places around the house to put into storage because of the move. So for the next few nights I might post a few old photos here for fun.

Here is one taken by Alan Bard Newcomer at one of the very first weekly writer’s workshops we held in Eugene, OR.  January 1987, before we thought of starting Pulphouse. About eight months after Kris and I met. (Notice my dark hair and her short, dark hair.)

Also take note of how small the table was. That means this was before Jerry Oltion, Kent Patterson, Ray Vukcevich, Loren Coleman, Scott William Carter, and Michael Totten, to name a few, started to attend. In fact, in those first meetings, I think we often got up to five people.

In the peak of the workshop two years later, we would have over thirty on any Tuesday night and that table would be huge and people would be sitting around the outside of the room.

Our close friend book dealer Bill Trojan is the third person in the picture, one of the very few pictures I have of him. He died seven years ago at Worldcon in August and not a day goes by I don’t think of him and his incredible friendship.


    • dwsmith

      Yup, he’s the guy. He was stunningly smart on such things. He knew most writers never made it to ten novels. For all sorts of reasons I talk about here now. He had seen it as a bookseller.

  • Philip

    Sorry about your friend. I know what it’s like to miss people. Some people don’t like looking back, but I think it’s great to check out old photos like this because good memories are a personal asset and people should reflect on the blessings they had in life.

    As for the hair, be grateful you still have hair! I’m bald at 39. LOL.