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Behind on E-Mail

I Will Get Caught Up By Tomorrow Evening…

So if you haven’t heard from me in a day or two, hold on.

I have managed to hit five days on my five miles a day minimum in exercise. Win. First days of any streak are always the hardest, especially exercise.

Eating control still a problem (see picture below), but gaining on that as well slowly.

So now instead of spending the next few hours cleaning up my email, I am going to go finish a new novel.

And pictures below are yesterday on our anniversary. Yes, Kris can eat vegan pizza. This was at Slice of Vegas out at the Mandalay Bay where we will be at for the Licensing Expo in May of 2022.

We might have ordered a little too much. (grin)


  • Nathan Haines

    You certainly have my permission to eat anything you like on your anniversary! (Happy 35th, btw!) I’m a fan of all kinds of pizza, and that certainly looks very good. I’d eat a slice in a heartbeat.

    Nothing like leftovers to celebrate having celebrated an anniversary!

  • Catherine

    Great photos!

    Happy Anniversary. 🙂
    Loved the ones from the other day too. Thanks for sharing.