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Because It Got Late

I Started a Blog on the Danger of Not Trusting Creative Voice…

And I will finish it on Sunday for Sunday night. But it got late and I have some webinars to do tomorrow morning and I think the fine writers who will be listening in would like me to be awake.

One detail of workshop business.

We offered a “limited time” offer of buying four cost workshops (to take any time over four years) and getting the Kris and Dean Show or two online workshops free. Well, we got around to finalizing some costs on these workshops in Vegas and realized we couldn’t do many of these and keep these workshops above the break-even point.

So the “limited time” offer is now changing to “Open to Five Writers” or one week. We will shut off the offer on the 20th or when we have five people signed up. Sorry. We should have done more math before we made the offer. (grin)

Anyone interested, write me directly and I will hold you one of the specials.

And now, I am heading to get some sleep.

Oh, wait, a cat picture… got to have a cat picture… He even looks tired…



  • Marsha

    Gavin’s ears are. . . HUGE. Is he done growing? ?

    (BTW, I’m a huge fan of writing into the dark, cycling, having fun when I sit in my writing chair, and trusting my creative voice. Especially the trust part. All things I learned from you, thank you very much.)