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Back in Boise

Headed Home to Vegas…

Tomorrow, Wednesday…

So I will be responding to assignments on Thursday in the workshops, but all of Week #3 workshops have been launched, a real feat from this iPad. (Grin)

And wow, with almost two days left as I write this in the Cold Poker Gang Kickstarter (links in posts below), we are gaining on the 4th stretch goal! That one has another one of my off-brand series books to read and a choice of a Pop-Up worth $150. So I sure hope we can get to that. Thanks for passing the word.

Long day today. Spent three hours in the warehouse this morning with Allyson helping me both pack my care and us checking everything so that those coming to take stuff know what to take and so on. Ended up taking an entire SUV full of expensive art. Massive amounts, and I didn’t really dent the art that is left up there. Yikes…

I will have a ton of pictures tomorrow night and the next of the mess, both before I started and after I got done making it into a mess with big piles.

So a late start on the road and didn’t get into Boise until 10 pm Boise time. Too much junk food. Ughh.

Thanks for passing the word on the Cold Poker Gang. So cool. Back with you from my office computer tomorrow, with luck and barring any unforeseens.