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Some Classes Started And Still Available…

I just posted the third week of 52 weeks of both the MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY and CREATIVE SURVIVAL classes. Every Monday morning you have four videos each class. All year long.

This week on CREATIVE SURVIVAL was basically about standing up for your own work. MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY was uplifting with a great quote from Charles de Lint as the pithy comment of the week.

Both of these are still available on Teachable to get either as a full year or by the quarter. Now that the first of the year has settled in a little, these might help you keep on track.


Also taking sign-ups for DIRECTED STUDY. See two or three posts back. That is not on Teachable and not a class, but a one-on-one directed study with each writer signed up. You have to contact me.

First questions to those signed up go out tomorrow after we get the SF/MYSTERY in person and study along classes going that also start tomorrow.

Busy time right now with all the classes and the Hearts Collide Kickstarter going. (See last night’s blog for information on nifty stretch goal.) But shortly I will get back to doing regular essays here on writing and copyright and so on.

Wait, one more class.

Can’t forget about the second SHARED WORLD class with THE SILVER LADY Hotel and Casino.  We would like to start this nine week class in a week or so if we get enough people signing up. It’s on Teachable.