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August Workshops Starting Up

It’s That Time…

August Regular Online Workshops are starting up. Actually, this caught me by surprise tonight as well. Sort of snuck up on me to be honest with all the travel and move stuff. But now I am settled into my new office and moving forward again just in time for these to get started.

To be honest, there are very few signed up for these August workshops. Almost everyone will get a private lesson. Remember, the workshops only take a few hours a week of your time, so even for a month like August it should be possible.

And September there will be a new workshop announced. And some new lectures as well.

And the reading list will go out for the first Study Along Workshop in September as well.

And September starts the new short story and novel challenge. Still spots in both if you are thinking about it. The goal is thirty short stories in sixty days or three novels in three months. You get two regular workshop credits for even giving it a try, so basically you get me reading your work for free.

So lots of stuff coming up and it all starts tonight with the beginning of the August Regular Workshops. Just sign up on

Class #13… Aug 7th … Think Like a Publisher
Class #14… Aug 7th … Endings
Class #15… Aug 7th … Point of View
Class #16… Aug 7th … Writing Mysteries
Class #17… Aug 7th … Speed
Class #18… Aug 7th … Teams in Fiction
Class #19… Aug 8th … Depth in Writing
Class #20… Aug 8th … How to Edit Your Own Work
Class #21… Aug 8th … Character Development
Class #22… Aug 8th … Writing Secondary Plot Lines
Class #23… Aug 8th… Information Flow
Class #24… Aug 8th … Magic Bakery

On Teachable you can also sign up for a lifetime subscription to all the Online Workshops, a lifetime subscription to the Lectures, and a lifetime subscription to the Study Along workshops. Write me if you would like more information on any of those and the advantages of being a lifetime subscriber.



  • Phillip McCollum

    Dean, I’d like to take the Advanced Depth workshop, but noticed it doesn’t start until September. As a lifetime subscriber, is that something I need to wait for? I seem to recall something about being able to take the classes anytime, but I don’t know if that includes the homework responses or just the videos. Thanks!

    • dwsmith


      As a lifetime subscriber, the workshop (from an earlier month) is in your subscription. Just start through it and send me the first assignment, then don’t go forward until you get my response (usually only a day, maybe two under normal circumstances.) I will know you are starting through a workshop when I get the first assignment. If you want to go through it without assignments, that’s fine as well, but always a good idea to do them for yourself along the way.