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Attention Those in the Anthology Workshop

Read the Week’s Assignment Early!!!

Just a warning.

This year’s anthology workshop is going to be a blast here in Las Vegas with all the restaurants and the nifty suite for evening chats. And the stories are going to be great fun as well.

And nope, far, far too late to sign up, even though the workshop isn’t until March. Sorry. But you can sign up for 2020. (The writing starts in November 2019 and it will fill again fairly soon this winter. So don’t miss it next year.)

And those with can still sign up for free Business Master Class here in Vegas. And yes, you can sign up for a lifetime workshop and then get the free Business Master Class tuition ($750 value). You don’t already have to be a lifetime subscriber. But this offer will end in a week or so and won’t be offered again this year. So if you are thinking of a lifetime subscription to the workshops, now is the time.

And the How to Write Clean First Draft Pop-Up is now available. It has a nifty and tough story prompt with it. Best deal on the Pop-Up series is the group of ten of them. It has the first two, which are not available anymore, and will eventually have ten. A really good deal.


And yes, I ran again in another fun run. Every Saturday it seems and they are fun. I have not been running much at all beyond the fun runs, letting myself heal from the fall. Almost there. Actually ran a good third of the 5k and could have done more, but didn’t want to push. So getting back to health.

I love the little girl sitting and waiting for someone to cross the finish line as I coast to a stop from my blazing speed. (grin). And all the reindeer horns behind Kris before we started. Kris was rocking her Santa hat from the run the week before.