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Attending Licensing Expo…

You Can Join Me Through Videos…

A couple days of groundwork now up. A day of getting my badge. And now today 17 videos about what the place looks and feels like overall on the first day.

Second day. (Wednesday) I will do more of that as well as get down into more details and sample cases and such for idea for writers to use. Third and final day even more down into the weeds with ideas. Then a couple days of how to think about it all from your IP perspectives.

So if you are thinking of ever attending the Licensing Expo at some point in the future, I would suggest you jump into this. It is still open on Teachable.


Direct link is

Again, it is videos and there will be a bunch of photos that I will upload each night when I get home, along with videos of me explaining pictures and what is happening. Videos are taken with my phone, so it will be rough, but actually not that bad. You will get a sense of what you would be attending.

And how to prepare to attend to get the most out of it.

So 17 videos of the conference now up on Day One. Jump in and join me.

And today, because I was on my feet from 10 am to 4:30 except for a short lunch (not used to that) my legs and feet really hurt, but only ended up with just under 7 miles (14,000 steps).

And, oh, yeah, The Golden Knights Won the Stanley Cup!! It’s a party in Las Vegas tonight.


  • Kelvin

    I’m in the (probably) unique position of someone who is both watching these videos and attending the Expo (haven’t run into you yet, Dean, but I think I caught a glimpse of you on Day One as you were leaving one of the art booths that I was approaching). I would’ve thought that, by now, at the end of day two I would’ve seen all the booths–but watching your videos I see that I’ve missed a couple that I definitely need to visit on Thursday. And this is a year in which they’ve scaled back?? I couldn’t imagine covering everything during a normal year…

    • dwsmith

      Yup, look at all the room toward the back of the hall. Year before the pandemic that was all full. Got a hunch next May it will be as well. Hope to see you there tomorrow.