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April Workshops Now All Live

Including the New Emotions Workshop…

And even stranger, I am back writing again yesterday and today after our week out of touch worrying about our good friend Allyson Longuiera. She came through the brain surgery wonderfully and is now home and resting.

Things at WMG Publishing will still be a little crazy for a time until Allyson returns, but Gwyneth and Josh are fantastic there and keeping things running as smoothly as can be expected without the boss in her chair.

And everything with the workshops, The Great Challenge, and Ask Kris Anything webinar are going on as planned. Allyson wan’t involved in those except for planning stages and giving her go-ahead.

And don’t forget to get the Space Opera bundle I did through Some fantastic reading in that one.

So if you have questions on The Great Challenge, write me. Still room to sign up. It will be a great way to not only buy a few workshop credits, but also give yourself a real challenge. And if you can get steady and going and hit 52 stories in a year, you get a lifetime workshop of your choice. Nifty, huh?

But even if you miss after the tenth story because of a life roll like we all at WMG just went through (Allyson far, far worse than the rest of us (grin)), you still get the two workshops and you will have ten short stories you didn’t have before. Win-win. Sign up on Teachable.

And remember that Kris monthly webinar Ask Kris Anything is still taking sign-ups on Teachable.

And, lastly, all the April workshops have now started. Sign up on Teachable.

Class #31… Apr 2nd … Endings
Class #32… Apr 2nd … Point of View
Class #33… Apr 2nd … Writing Mysteries
Class #34… Apr 2nd … Speed
Class #35… Apr 2nd … Teams in Fiction
Class #36… Apr 3rd … Depth in Writing
Class #37… Apr 3rd … How to Use Tags
Class #38… Apr 3rd … Character Development
Class #39… Apr 3rd… Information Flow
Class #40… Apr 3rd … Emotion in Writing

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