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Another Short One

Too Much Computer Time Today…

My eyes are starting to blur. So since I leave this blog to the very last, it will be short tonight.

Challenge is going along fine, but so stupidly busy I haven’t had a chance to put any more on Patreon. I will in a few days. Things are about to clear. Or I hope they do since I have only limited amount of screen time and have been maxing that out all week. And not exercising enough and eating too much. All bad things that will change shortly.

Like tonight, I worked on a story for an invite anthology, knew I would not finish it, so stopped and switched over and wrote a Bryant Street story. I will finish the other one tomorrow to count as one of the challenge stories.

Workshops in March are still in their first weeks, so time to get into any of them, including the four collection classes that last nine weeks and you publish a collection at the end. They are great fun.

So that hit my max on staring at this screen. Tomorrow.

Oops, one final point. If you are one of the idiots complaining and whining about Brandon Sanderson’s fantastic success, please don’t do it where I can read it. All it shows is that you are an uninformed idiot and a sad loser who doesn’t like other people to be successful. And that’s just pathetic.


  • Daniel Fellows

    Hey Dean,

    Yeah, I can’t understand why people would tear someone down because of their success. I keep showing my wife and saying he’s at $33m AUD with 24 days to go!! Would not surprise me if he got to $50m plus AUD. That’s awesome and crazy. Wish him the best. He’s break8ng down barriers for all the rest of us and bringing attention to th8ngst platform. Surely we all benefit from his success.

    • dwsmith

      We will all benefit, except those still lost in traditional publishing. This threatens those folks.

  • Connor Whiteley

    I still can’t believe people are moaning about this. Its amazing. I was extremely excited earlier when I realised that even if this Kickstarter leads to at least another 1000 people regularly checking the fiction category. This could transform my own kickstarters and readership.

    Of course the numbers are more complex and higher than that. But this single kickstarter opens up so many amazing opportunities.

    I’m really looking forward to my next one in April.

    The kickstarter future is extremely bright!