An Interesting Experience…

Kris and I Went to Follies…

You know, the musical written by Steven Sondheim.  It was both amazingly cool and amazingly awful at the same time.

It was being held in a great small theater in a local casino (really nice one). And the reason Kris and I went was because it featured some of the real Vegas showgirls from the past.  And it was only going to be there for five days and never again.

When the woman who originally danced in the Moulin Rouge was introduced and came on stage, and they had big pictures on screens of her in the 1950s, I was just in awe.

And another woman in her nineties had been a headliner at the Stardust. And so on.

And then there were two numbers that were just stunning.

One, an older couple (60s) danced the exact same dance as a younger couple beside them (supposed to be the older couple back in time.). Watching the two couples and how age affected their dance, yet did not make it worse, just different, was jawdroppingly cool.

And then the big number right before intermission which had all the real Las Vegas showgirls through history on stage dancing (including the woman from the Moulin Rouge). That was amazingly cool.

That was what Kris and I went to see. The Sondheim play that they tried to hang all this cool stuff on sucked beyond words.

We left into the middle of the second act because we got to see what we had gone to see.

I love how sometimes this town remembers its art and artists.