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Workshops Updates

All Special Workshops Sent Out…

For the 6 Novellas Kickstarter. If you did not get a letter from me tonight and expected to with the codes and links to the special workshops, please check your spam filter (they emails have links in them) and if not in the spam, write me.

Also, I did as folks suggested and started a class called Fifty Years of Learning Through Mistakes.  It is now available and will start on May 7th.

And yes, those of you with the Everything Subscription, it is already in your bundle of classes.

The focus on that class will be the learning from each mistake and how that learning has managed to help me get to this point in my writing and business. I will have fun going over it, that is for sure. Join me.

And I think the two classes together ought to be really interesting.

And one last point, don’t forget the two special workshops in the Barkson’s Journey Kickstarter going on right now. HOW TO CREATE FANTASY MAPS and HOW TO CREATE STRONG FANTASY LEADING CHARACTERS. Both of those are going to be great workshops and the only place to get them is through the Kickstarter for 10 more days or so.