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A Very Satisfying Feeling…

When the Versa on My Wrist Buzzes…

That means I have hit my 10,000 steps, which is five miles for me.

For those of you who don’t know, a Versa is a Fitbit in watch form, sort of like an iWatch. It gives me the time, my heart rate, my steps, my miles, and how many calories I have burned so far in the day. All on the face of the thing.

I have the calories set assuming I am 180 pounds instead of 195. And there are a ton more features, including tracking my sleep every night.

Up until I got this thing, I had never worn a watch, even though I own a good 20,000 of them. (Maybe more. Not kidding, have a collection of them that fill about five banker’s boxes coming down to Vegas with me next month so I can sell them to watch stores down here. Almost too heavy to carry.)

When I hit 10,000 steps, my Versa buzzes really hard and if I look down at it, there are fireworks going off. In another month I will set that for 12,000 steps as I ramp up toward running this next winter.

But tonight hitting that 10,000 felt great. Because at 10:30 I was at 4,200 steps, just slightly over two miles. And I was tired and about to blow it off for the day. But I didn’t.

I put on my running shoes, grabbed my keys, my phone, and my mask, said goodnight to Kris, and went out the door.

At that moment it was 102 degrees outside, so wasn’t going out there.

I headed down to the 5th floor of this condo complex where the hallway goes all the way around the block, is air-conditioned, and carpeted which is good for my knees at this heavy weight. Five laps equals about a mile, about the same as the indoor track at the gym I go to, but only an elevator ride away instead of a 15 minute drive. And at this time of the night, no one was around. I didn’t see anyone and didn’t have to put my mask on once.

I walked a fast mile, then ran a third of a mile, then fast-walked the rest until my watch on my wrist told me I had hit the goal for the day.

Very, very satisfying, I must say.

And yes, finished that story I started yesterday earlier this afternoon. Kris liked it.


Wear a mask, folks. I am almost 70 years old and I have no desire to be around people too stupid or vain or lazy to wear a mask and I die for that. Or have Kris die for that.

Nevada, as of tomorrow, will require everyone wear masks out in public. Period.


If we all wore masks when around other people, in four or five months this virus would basically be gone. It really is that simple.

So protect me and other old folks like me and wear the mask. And stay safe.



  • Philip

    We have such an easy way to protect one another, yet people will still resist.

    As a bonus, I’m a much more handsome guy with my mask ON! hahaha

  • Britt Malka

    Well done on the 10,000 steps.

    Yeah, why don’t people just wear masks and do it correctly?

    Here, during the week days, I see many wearing masks, but I also see too many wearing them around their wrists or under their chin. Interestingly, Friday and Saturdays, I’m almost always the only one wearing a mask.

    And now they are talking about another lock down. Makes me angry.

  • Mike

    Hitting on a streak feels extra good after you hear the voice in your head tell you not to.

    Has happened to me a few times over the course of my writing and exercise streak. Always a good excuse for it.

    But not giving in feels so much better. And teaches you to ignore that little voice the next time (because you know it’s coming back).

    Just don’t miss. And if you do, don’t miss twice in a row!