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A University Masters Degree in Publishing

Taught By Kevin J. Anderson…

This is the first of its kind at any university and I wanted to bring this to everyone’s attention because it is so cool!! And it would be so much fun to do. And the learning would be amazing.

And even better, it is something most of us could manage. Two weeks in colorado, then the rest of the year online, then two more weeks back in colorado to finish up.

And the cost for a master degree is just about as cheap as it comes.

A MA grad program in publishing. How flipping amazing.


Kevin said this about the program he created and is teaching…

I’m thrilled to announce that two weeks ago my Publishing MA grad program for Western Colorado University was finally approved and I will be running my first group of students, starting this summer. Applications page is now up at:

I’m really excited about it, putting together the whole program myself, the way *I* think it should be done, and I am teaching all the classes. It’s evenly divided between traditional and indie publishing, with all aspects of production, editing, distribution, marketing. So if you want to get a real Masters degree, I hope you’ll consider it.

Students will jointly create, edit, produce, and market an anthology (we have a grant from Draft2Digital to pay pro rates), and as a solo project will produce a new edition of a public domain classic (with their name on the copyright page as production editor).

It’s low residency, meaning you spend two weeks in beautiful Gunnison Colorado on campus in July, then the fall and spring semesters are all online, and then a culminating two weeks in Colorado the following year. And then everyone must call you MASTER. Total cost for the Masters degree is $19,100.

I can only take six students for my first group. If you have any questions or if you want to see the detailed course listing, please message me.


I find this amazingly cool!! I will be dropping by the course to help out a little this summer, along with a few other professional writers, since Kevin knows a lot of major professionals. And only six students, so you get Kevin’s attention for an entire year. Plus a masters degree when finished.

This is a learning chance that doesn’t come around very often for a very few people. Give it some real thought.